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Mission Statement


AGF Marble and Granite is a custom natural stone fabrication and installation business. We are a family owned and operated company that values our relationships and strives to surpass client expectation with exceptional work and unsurpassed customer service.

Business Description

                Granite is one of the hardest rocks known to man thus making it virtually maintenance free. One of the top selling points of granite is "the way it looks today is the way it will look twenty years later". Marble, granite, and other natural stones also come in a wide variety of colors making it a designer's dream when it comes to coordinating decor. Unlike other solid surfaces, such as Corian and Formica, granite does not scratch or stain and requires little or no maintenance.

The intent and practice of AGF is to provide long-acting, aesthetically unique, and economically sound options to new homebuilders, commercial general contractors and remodelers. Results have shown these professionals were able to increase their sales prices and values of existing properties by 10% and new home prices by 15%.

AGF also provides "want to be" interior decorators and designers the luxury tabletop designing and fabrication. Cutting Boards, and together with other customer created accessories and ideas are also available to the customer's specifications.

Market and Competition

Since inception AGF's efforts to provide quality and economical natural stone such as marble and granite has been a priority. Few individuals within the Worcester county area alone have little knowledge of the steps and care used to quarry, fabricate and install natural stone. Marble, granite and natural stones are quarried all over the world in such countries as Italy, Turkey, Greece, Brazil, India, Mexico, US, Canada, Tai-Wan and Germany. Due to the high cost associated with quarrying in the United States, most natural stone is imported from the above countries.

It has been found in various markets throughout the Worcester County, AGF is below average market price, affording it promptness and convenience.

AGF's target market at present is geared toward residential and commercial building contractors and remodelers.