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In order for AGF to submit a rough price for your countertop, we need the following;

  • A rough layout of the kitchen (usually submitted from the designer, contractor, or Retail customer).
  • Include sink cut-out, faucet holes, where the backsplash should be placed (include how high you desire your backsplash to be), drain board If applicable, type of edge, and the type of material.

(Price is subjected to change once we template and attain the exact dimensions)


  • Contract must be signed off by customer, designer, or contractor authorizing AGF Marble & Granite to complete a template.
  • Customer must view the slab and sign off on it, or sign a waiver giving AGF the right to choose the material.
  • A 1-3 hour window will be giving to customer prior to arrival.
  • Someone older than 18 must be present.
  • Customer must be present during template to answer any questions regarding the job.
  • Make sure sink and any other appliances are available at the job site. (if not it could delay the installation time).
  • Once the template is done, the AGF personal will go over the template with customer and make sure all the information including where seam location will be located.
  • Keep in mind that even though the customer is giving the choice of the seam location, it is AGF‘s shop manager who will make that final decision. However customer will be notified of any changes.  


  • A new layout will be submitted with all changes.
  • All paperwork must be signed off (by customer, designer, or contractor) prior to fabrication, authorizing all changes if applicable.


  • Someone older than 18 must be present.
  • The old counter-top must be removed prior to our arrival.
  • After installation an AGF personal will seal your granite.
  • Customer must go over the installation with an AGF personal and sign off the paper work stating they are satisfied with the installation. (If not please call AGF Right Away, before the installers leave.