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Stone care

Granite Care Guide

Granite is a wonderful choice for a countertop surface because it is beautiful and durable, giving you beauty and utility that will last for years. We have provided these tips below to help you care for your countertop for years of enjoyment.

Seal your new granite countertops before using it.

• It is highly recommended to seal the stone before use. Granite is a porous material which allows liquids to soak into the stone. Water will soak in and eventually evaporate but oil and grease will leave behind dark patches. Wine and juice will likely leave stains on unsealed stone. These stains are very hard to get out but not impossible. Sealing the granite at the start will save you much time and hassle later.

• We recommend a water-based sealer. There are many available at the hardware store at various price

ranges. Performance and quality differ little from brand to brand. It is not how much you pay for the

sealer, but how often it is used. Begin with two applications on a new countertop. Reapply every six

months to one year depending on how often you use the counter because the protective layer of the

sealer will wear down after use.

Clean spills immediately to minimize stains or damage to the stone.

The sooner you can get to it, the less likely any damage can occur. Wine, juice, oil and grease can be especially problematic.

Granite is scratch resistant, not scratch proof.

• Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth second only to diamonds. It is also very brittle.

• Cutting directly on the surface is bad for both the countertop and your cutlery since it can cause tiny chips on the surface of the counter, resulting in dull spots and quickly dulling the sharp edge on knives. When cutting, use cutting boards to protect the counter and your cutlery.

• Use trivets or mats under china, ceramics, glass, pots and pans. To preserve the polish, don’t slide the

hard objects on bare granite surfaces. If scratches or dull spots appear, they can be polished out but it is

a time consuming and costly process.

Clean regularly to avoid build up of dirt, dust and oil.

It’s best to use cleaners specifically stated for granite.

Granite countertops will stand up to hot pots and pans very well.

It is ok to place hot objects on the surface but be careful not to slide pots, pans, ceramics, glass and bake sheets across the surface as you risk scratching your countertop.

Cleaners to avoid:

• Cleaners that contain acids (bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, vinegar, etc.).

• Acetone because it will break down the adhesives holding the countertops together.

Don’t use abrasives.

• Avoid metal pads such as steel wool or SOS pads

• Avoid abrasive powders such as Ajax or Comet

• We recommend cotton, polyester cloths, and nylon pads